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Winter In Warm Climates Vs. Cold Climates

The meaning of winter changes based on where you live.

Some people love winter, some people – don’t. But we (those who live in Massachusetts) have no other options other than “live” it or “survive” it. Woburn, MA maybe is not the coldest place on the Earth, but still cold enough.

In this pre-Christmas time we want to add some fun to this coldness outside. Read this and give us a smile or a “Like”!


If you live in a warmer climate, winter is a nice time of year when the temperature dips into 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a colder climate, winter is a horrible time of year when you battle nature’s attempt to freeze everything that gets in its way. 


If you live in a warmer climate, typically winter weather is mild, there maybe some rain here and there. If you live in a colder climate, typically winter weather is intense. It could start snowing as early as mid-October and stop snowing as late as the end of March, or even the beginning of April if you are really unlucky.


If you live in a warmer climate, winter is (light) sweater weather. It’s nice being able to break out the sweaters, which can accent your outfit nicely. If you live in colder climates, winter is the season when everyone looks like marshmallows.

Your mother probably never let you leave the house without a hat.


If you live in a warmer climate, the holiday season is a pleasant time to gather with family to celebrate respective holidays and to appreciate each other. If you live in a colder climate, the holiday season is a battle against the snow to get to where you are going. We have all seen that same situation in movies in which the character is trying to fly home for the holidays, but the snow causes the flight to be canceled. 

Don’t let this winter cold derail your life

If you live in a warm climate, winter doesn’t affect your activities as much. You can still go outside and do things. If you live in a cold climate, winter derails your life.

Try not to avoid going outside as much as possible. If no you can run from only the door to the car, add some gym activities in this run. Being in a gym is more fun and healthier than staying in bed under your warm blanket all day.

MK Boxing gym is here for you all this cold season.

By the way, our WINTER SPECIAL DISCOUNT IS ACTIVATED! Get 1 year of unlimited gym access for just $59 per month. Take it while it lasts.

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