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Meaning of Ounces on Boxing Gloves

size of boxing gloves

What does the ounces indicate on boxing gloves and what boxing gloves size is right for me? Now you’ll find out all about the size of boxing gloves as well as information about the ounces on boxing gloves.

Sizes of boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves

In general, classic boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves (which are actually same) do not have any size differences. In general, a child’s glove looks the same size as an adult’s. But to differentiate the boxing gloves from each other – the weight or the padding of the gloves is differentiated. Here come the ounces.

Ounces and boxing gloves

The weight or the padding of the gloves is expressed in terms of ounces of weight, which is printed in 99% of the cases as OZ indication on the gloves.

Generally the gradation is divided into 2 ounces steps:

8Oz = 226,8 Grams
10Oz = 283,5 Grams
12Oz = 340,2 Grams
14Oz = 396,9 Grams
16Oz = 453,6 Grams

One ounce is 28.3495 grams

So if a glove has 10 ounces, the padding weight is 283.495 grams – as you noticed it can make a huge difference whether you are fighting with 16 ounces or 8 ounces.

Info: MMA gloves have different sizes like S,M,L.

When will the different glove weights will be used?

Generally 8 ounce gloves are least padded and also the lightest. They are therefore suitable for children in the training, as well as for people who want to refine their striking techniques, as they can feel through the glove the hit.

10 ounce gloves are a standard of competition and are used in nearly all series. They are an optimal compromise of impact, weight and upholstery.

12 ounce and 14 ounce gloves are often used in training. They are a bit heavier and so it is easier for a fighter to keep permanently 10 ounces up, since he has always trained with 12 or 14.

16 ounces are most padded, thus providing the greatest protection to the fighter his hands and his opponent. 16 ounces are most frequently used in the sparring, as there is so simple enough protection in the training. Some boxers also go to workout with 16 ounces in training to train with a higher weight on their fists.


Which are the best sizes for training?

Of course, you do not need to buy all weights and in most clubs and camps gloves are provided anyway. In principle it is therefore worth to buy 12oz gloves and / or 14oz gloves. 12oz are in our opinion ideal for training, 14oz good for some sparring and training.

With what kind of gloves do you practice? What differences do you notice between the weights?






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