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Kids boxing classes program

Kids boxing classes Woburn MA

We are so proud of all the young kids that have completed, or just about to complete the recent MK Boxing kids boxing сlasses program!

This is great for the kids and parents looking to place their kids in a fun exciting boxing program. We focus on boxing combinations, foot work, focus mitts, bag work and conditioning. And not the least, boxing is great for self-esteem and confidence building.

It is amazing what these young kids can learn in 8 weeks. We meet every Tuesday at MK Boxing. 1st class begins at 3:45 for kids K-4 and the 2nd class begins at 4:30 for kids grades 5-8.

Now we are n the midst of kids boxing classes program that started on 4/4/2017 with the towns of Winchester, Reading and Woburn. We also work with Burlington on a regular basis.

If you are in Kids boxing classes program, please contact the recreation departments of Winchester, Reading and Woburn (if you live outside the town you can still sign up with one of the recreation department’s listed) OR just contact MK Boxing about kids boxing classes.





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