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Summer Programming 2017 - Kids boxing classes

Kids boxing classes Woburn MA

Many children are getting into the sport of boxing. Training in boxing will not only improve the body, it will improve the mind. This sport is great for anti-bullying since children will gain confidence and self- assurance.

The sport of boxing can be very safe if taught properly. It is actually much safer than football and hockey. Each student will receive top of the line leather boxing gloves. All contact will be practiced using protective shields, pads, focus mitts and heavy bags led by an instructor. There is no direct contact with one student striking another student.

The class will involve the use of the heavy bags; focus mitt training and boxing combinations. There is a heavy emphasis on conditioning such as running, burpees, pushups, abs, and other cross conditioning methods.

The kids will learn how to slip and avoid punches. The focus on technique, form, conditioning, power, speed, timing, coordination and balance will be emphasized.

There will also be a graduation ceremony for all students.

AGES: Incoming K-4 (session 1) and incoming 5-8 (session 2)

LOCATION: 116 Cummings Park, Woburn, MA
DATES: Tuesdays from 7/18 to 8/22
TIME: 1:15-2 (session 1) and 2:15-3 (session 2)

COST: $180

MK Boxing
Wakefield Academy Office: 781-246-6400 ×6608





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