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Boxing for Beginners

People start to train boxing for a variety of reasons and set different goals. Some come approach boxing as a tool for self-defense, some come for fitness, and some have aspirations to compete. Here are few suggestions how to start your training in boxing.

How to start

Do you know what you need to become a boxer? To get in shape, learn how punch, learn how to defend, etc.?
First and foremost, is to find a boxing gym to train. Because of popularity of fitness and yoga classes, this is often easier said than done. Keep in mind that not just any place that “has boxing” will do.  

Amateur Boxing License

Amateur boxing in the United States is managed by USA Boxing, which is responsible for the sport all the way up through the elite ranks of our national Olympic team. Events arranged outside of this organization are considered exhibitions or interclub “smokers.”  To participate in USA Boxing events, you will have to go through a physical examination, proving that you are of sound mind and body and pay your annual dues to the nearest Local Boxing Committee (LBC).

Getting Added to an Amateur Boxing Card

Fortunately for you, this is easy.  The amateur boxing circuit is a small world, both locally and nationally, and once your coach decides that you are ready, he will be your best resource for attending and competing in events.  There are two basic types: the tournament and the local club fight. Tournaments are more well-known, as just about everyone has heard of the Golden Gloves, Ringside’s National Championships, and others. The second option is when a local club, business, or charity event sponsors a fight card.

Club fights are all over the board in terms of the size of an audience, venue, and location. One notable difference on club fights is that you don’t have to fall within a specific weight class.  Matches are typically made between the two fighters who are closest in weight and experience.

Start your training in boxing at MK Boxing

Come to MK Boxing and train at one of the best Boxing training programs around. We will find the best options to respond your initial goals, either physical fitness though boxing, or professional boxing training. All ages and backgrounds are welcome.

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Boxing classes are trained by Denis Murphy. He has coached and trained 4 Jr. Olympic Boxing Champions, 4 USA New England Boxing Champions, 16 Golden Gloves Boxing Champions, 4 Kickboxing Champions and 29 Regional Karate Champions. Denis Murphy was also the Northeast P.K.A. Amateur Kickboxing Champ in 1982. Golden Gloves Champ in 1985.

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